The UK Stem Cell Foundation focuses on funding late basic research projects,as well as phase I clinical trials including those involving cell or stem cell related therapies as well as enabling technologies that advance therapies to the clinicphase I and II clinical trials that contribute enabling technologies and/or translational research in stem cells that could ultimately lead to a phase III clinical trial endpoint.

The definition of 'enabling technology' or 'translational' research has been left open, as a range of studies could be defined under these terms, for example, use of stem cells in animal models, expansion of cells or routes of delivery of stem cells.

Applications that focus on basic aspects, such as differentiation of stem cells, should be submitted to other funding mechanisms.


The Foundation welcomes applications from universities, hospitals or recognised academic institutions in the UK. Please refer to our document on Assessment Criteria for applications.

Applicants are encouraged to submit an outline application form in the first instance, which will be reviewed initially by our Scientific Advisory Board and will undergo a full peer-review process. If successful, applicants will then be invited to submit a full application form for consideration by the Scientific Advisory Board and Board of Trustees. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

For further information and to discuss your application, please contact Professor Brendon Noble at brendon.noble@ukscf.org or Lee Stoddard on 020 7491 6566 or email lee.stoddard@ukscf.org.

Application Forms
Outline Project Application Form (.docx)

Full Project Application Form (.docx)