During these challenging and unprecedented times lifesaving medical research is more important than ever. We remain tirelessly committed to finding groundbreaking treatments for the nation’s many at-risk groups, whose debilitating illnesses and conditions we work to cure.

Right now researchers are repurposing their labs and their efforts towards Covid-19 relief.

The UK Stem Cell Foundation continues to be fully dedicated to advancing stem cell treatments and now more than ever we need your support to fund the vital clinical projects that will benefit humankind.

Together we can ensure the success of cell regeneration therapies and help ward off the devastating effects not only of hitherto incurable diseases but also of potential future pandemics.

Stay safe and stay well.

Lil Shortland

Chief Executive Officer
UK Stem Cell Foundation


Research Focus

Stem cells have the potential to treat conditions such as spinal cord injury, heart attacks, strokes, sports injuries, blindness, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, bone and cartilage damage. Find out more about the latest research projects we support.

Heart Disease

A study investigating whether damage to the heart muscle caused by heart attack, can be prevented by using stem cells from the patients own bone marrow.

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The latest findings from a project funded by the UK Stem Cell Foundation offers new hope to millions affected by glaucoma.

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Spinal Cord Repair

Professor Raisman has pioneered the use of olfactory ensheathing stem cells, taken from the patient’s own upper nasal passages, and used to help regrow nerve fibres.

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The latest

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UKSCF Newsletter - Summer 2020

UKSCF Newsletter - Summer 2020

The Summer 2020 issue of our newsletter "Renew" has been published and is available for download below.

Christmas Fayre fundraising - thanks to Steve Moorlen

Christmas Fayre fundraising - thanks to Steve Moorlen

Special thanks to Steve Moorlen for his fundraising efforts at his Christmas Fayre, and being a huge supporter of the charity.

Thanks to Sytner Tamworth BMW

Thanks to Sytner Tamworth BMW

We'd like to thank Sytner Tamworth BMW for donating the proceeds of their recent Family Fun Day Raffle to UKSCF. They sent us lots of pictures of the event, and it looks as if a good time was had by all.


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See how stem cell research is the most promising area of medical science today.

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