Our Mission

The Foundation was set up to help address the critical gap in funding that is hindering the progress of promising stem cell research into new treatments. 

We aim to do this by:

  • Raising funding for stem cell research projects in UK medical schools, universities and hospitals that have the potential to result in clinical benefits for patients within five years;
  • Operating a lean, cost-effective organisation, under the direction of an eminent Board of Trustees and with carefully controlled project management. Our operating costs account for less than 8% of the funding we raise.

Since we were set up in 2005, we have helped over £24 million to be invested in stem cell research projects in the UK through a combination of fundraising, co-funding and collaboration.


See how else UKSCF is helping stem cell research.

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Your donations and fundraising help to advance the most promising research projects that have the greatest potential to deliver patient benefits.

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